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How Far Should a Pool Be From Power Lines?

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A pool in your yard is one of the best ways to make your outdoor space more comfortable. When designing your pool, there is no limit to what you can do. You can install a simple plastic pool or one with multiple layers, in-pool lighting, and all the other bells and whistles.

One key consideration during the construction process is the distance between your pool and the power lines around it. How far should a pool be from power lines? We’ll look at the answers in this post.

Pool Code Requirements From the National Electrical Code (NEC)

The NEC publishes guidelines homeowners and businesses must follow for electrical safety. Some of the key guidelines in the latest code include the following:

Rules for Overhead Power Lines

The code requires every swimming pool installation to follow two major rules when it comes to space between the pool and overhead power lines:

  • The distance between the overhead power line and the surface of the water in the pool (when it’s full) must be at least 22.5 feet.
  • The distance between the water level and overhead telephone or internet cables must be at least ten feet.

When people ask, “How far should a pool be from power lines?” we’ve found that they are usually asking about the rules for overhead power lines. The answer is 22.5 feet.

Rules for Underground Wiring

The NEC doesn’t allow underground wiring under a pool. Your pool must also be at least five feet away from underground utility lines.

There are a few exceptions if you need to connect wiring to serve lighting or equipment in or around the pool but don’t have enough space to meet the five-foot rule. You can install the wiring closer than five feet if you install it completely inside a conduit system.

If you are using a rigid metal raceway, it should have at least six inches of cover. For a nonmetallic raceway, it should have at least six inches of cover. At least four inches of the cover should be concrete. 

Rules for Electrical Outlet Receptacles

The NEC rules for electrical outlet receptacles to prevent electric shocks include the following:

  • All receptacles for pumps and motors must be between six and ten feet away from the pool’s walls. They must also have GCFI protection.
  • Outlets for general use around the pool should be at least six feet away from the pool if they have GFCI protection and 20 feet away from the pool if otherwise.

So, as you search for a “pool electrician near me,” you should first consider how your property complies with the NEC recommendations. 

Why Are the NEC Requirements Important?

Adhering to the recommendations of the NEC is essential to keep swimmers and everyone around your pool safe. Electrical accidents can cause severe injuries, loss of life, and loss of property. Sticking to the guidelines is the best way to keep the pool area safe.

Water is a powerful conductor of electricity. Therefore, it’s highly dangerous to risk having a live wire coming in contact with the water in and around the pool when it’s in use or when there’s someone around it.

Beyond the risk of electricity coming in contact with the water, there is also the risk of inadvertently touching live wires with pool cleaning equipment with metal handles. Metal is a strong conductor of electricity. If the metal handle from a broom or pool cleaning net comes in contact with overhead power lines, there’s a high risk of electric shock.

Secondly, maintaining the right distance between your pool and power lines is also important if you want to meet legal requirements and comply with the regulations of the average insurance company. If you don’t comply with the safety guidelines, you can incur costly legal troubles, and insurance companies may refuse to insure your property.

Get Expert Guidance from Crowe Electric

Constructing a new pool that is safe from electrical hazards takes some planning.  That’s why many property owners often begin by asking, “How far should a pool be from power lines?” You need to work with an experienced company to avoid making any mistakes — that’s where we come in.

At Crowe Electric, we can complete a thorough electrical system inspection and recommend the best position for your pool. You can also count on our team for electrical installations after constructing your pool.

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