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How to Find an Electrician in Marshfield, MA

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Electricity is crucial for all the modern comforts we enjoy. When electrical issues arise, you’ll always want to get them sorted immediately. However, finding a skilled electrician in Marshfield, MA, isn’t always straightforward. You can’t afford to hire the first name you find because even the smallest of mistakes can cause a major electrical fire.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to find an electrician to deal with your electrical issues, install new fixtures, or complete wiring for your new build.

Ask for Recommendations

This is the most straightforward way to find a professional electrician for your project. If you know other property owners who have completed electrical projects similar to yours recently, you can ask them to recommend the electrician they worked with on the project.

Other people to ask for recommendations include electrical equipment store owners, building contractors, and plumbers. Qualified tradespeople tend to know other qualified tradespeople. So, your highly experienced local plumber will know at least a couple of electricians they can vouch for, who you can consider for your project.

If you get good recommendations, your search ends here. Otherwise, you’ll have to do the rest of the things we’ll cover here.

Check their Experience Level, License, and Qualifications

If you’ve found a few electricians you can use for your project on your own without any recommendations, you have to spend more time evaluating their experience level and their qualifications.

You don’t want to hire a small-time residential electrician for a major commercial project. You also don’t want to hire an installation electrician to fix your electric circuit problems. The three main experience levels for electricians include:

  • Apprentice electrician. These electricians don’t have any licenses. They must always work under supervision. A majority of them only have a high school diploma.
  • Journeyman electrician. Electricians in this certification are licensed to work without supervision. Most professional electricians fall into this category.
  • Master electrician. This is the highest level of certification for electricians. Master electricians have educational qualifications and more than ten thousand hours of experience under their belt. They have also passed a hugely demanding licensing exam. Electricians at this level often take on a supervisory role in major projects.

If you’re looking for how to find an electrician for minor repair jobs at home, you don’t need to look beyond a journeyman electrician. For large commercial projects, it’s best to hire a master electrician with commercial leanings.

Check for a Warranty

A warranty gives you some protection in the case of faulty installation or damage to electrical systems. Some warranty plans will provide coverage for a year, while others can stay active for up to five years. Be sure to find out what the electrician offers.

Your choice of electrician may also affect your manufacturer’s warranty on appliances. An unqualified electrician can void your warranty.

Watch for Possible Use of Subcontractors

Always find out who will do your work. If the company you’ve contacted uses subcontractors on their projects, there’s a risk that they’ll send someone who doesn’t have the right level of insurance for the job.

It’s in your best interest to confirm that both the company and the individual they send your wat are fully licensed and insured. However, it’s always a good idea to avoid making such companies your first choice. An independent company with in-house staff will offer better guarantees in terms of the quality you can expect.

Request for a Quote

Electricians will charge slightly different fees for the same project. Requesting a quote is the easiest way to see who offers the best rates. However, it’s important to note that the lowest prices don’t always mean the best service. Be sure to take experience, previous client feedback, and customer service into consideration when making your decision.

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