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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

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Bathroom exhaust fans are an essential component of any household. Leaving humidity to freely circulate through your home can create a myriad of problems such as mold growth, poor air quality, and deterioration of interior decor. 

At Crowe Electric, we are a family-owned locally operated electrician service. As members of the community of Norwell, MA, our crew members feel dedicated to providing top-notch electrical services to our friends and neighbors throughout the community. We provide financing options and 24/7 emergency service to cater to the needs of all our customers. 

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Benefits Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation in Norwell, MA

The top three benefits of installing a bathroom exhaust fan, as reported by Norwell’s ceiling fan installation experts, include:

  • Better air quality. Breathing in excess humidity is bad for one’s health, as increased moisture and mold and mildew growth can cause respiratory issues. An exhaust fan propels excess humidity outdoors, drastically improving your interior air quality. 
  • Odor reduction. Humidity can cause parts of the décor in your bathroom to deteriorate, creating foul odors. Regular use of the bathroom can also leave an unpleasant smell, so using an exhaust fan to air out this space will help combat odors. 
  • Prevent damage to interior décor. Excess humidity can cause damage to wood floors, furniture, paint, walls, etc. Paint often flakes or bubbles, while wood furniture and floors may begin to rot due to overexposure to humidity. 

Other Rooms Where You Should Install an Exhaust Fan

Though the bathroom is one of the most important places to install an exhaust fan, here are other rooms where you should also consider installation:

  • Kitchen. Fumes, grease, and cooking smells constantly circulate through the air in your kitchen. Installing an exhaust fan with a flexible duct allows you to discreetly hide your fan while still effectively circulating the air. 
  • Garage. Nearly everyone stores chemicals and fuel in their garage. To avoid breathing in their dangerous fumes, you should invest in an exhaust fan that filters 3,000 cubic feet per minute or more (depending on the size of your garage). 
  • Attic. If you use your attic space frequently, investing in an exhaust fan can help circulate stuffy, hot air. This will drastically cool down the space and prevent the formation of mold and fungus. 

Why Choose Crowe Electric

Whether you plan to invest in kitchen, attic, or bathroom exhaust fan installation in Norwell, MA, you should hire licensed electricians such as the experts at Crowe Electric. A certified professional can effectively hook up your exhaust fan to your circuit breaker, help you choose the correct fan housing, and ensure the safe installation of your new fan. 

Our electricians can explain which fan is best for you based on the square footage of your bathroom. We can also help you determine the best sone ratings for your home, which indicate how loud the fan is.

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If you need an electrical contractor in Norwell, MA, contact Crowe Electric. We guarantee that our electricians will provide you with friendly customer service and expert advice. 

Crowe Electric not only contributes to our community through trustworthy and affordable electrical services, but also with donations to local charities and organizations. Our team dedicates both time and money to local charities throughout Norwell and the surrounding communities, such as ALS and local sports.

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