Everything to Know About Electrical Fires

Fire in Marshfield, MA

Experiencing an electrical fire in your home or business is a frightening event that can put your loved ones and property at risk. Knowing what to do in the event of an electrical fire can help you protect your family and reduce the damage to your home. Unfortunately, many people tend to panic when they […]

Discover How Often Your Home’s Electrical System Should be Inspected

Electrical Inspection in Marshfield, MA

If you are like most homeowners, you likely take your electric system for granted and don’t think much about it. It’s a system that is hidden within the walls where the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” comes into play. As long as your lights turn on when you flip the switch, you probably […]

How Does an Electrician Install a Whole-Home Surge Protector?

Whole-Home Surge Protector in Marshfield, MA

Adding a whole-home surge protector to your electrical system is the best way to protect your home’s major appliances and systems. A significant power surge can seriously damage your air conditioner, refrigerator, water heater, range, and other devices. When more power flows through your electrical system than it can handle, all of that additional electricity […]

What to Know About Generators: Parts, Types, and How They Work

Generators in Marshfield, MA

In reality, generators don’t produce any electricity. They instead transform chemical or mechanical energy into electrical energy. They achieve this by squeezing electrons from an external source through an electrical circuit. An electrical motor running in reverse is essentially what a generator is. The transferred electric energy can immediately be delivered to houses, businesses, and […]