Generators in Marshfield, MA
July 18

What to Know About Generators: Parts, Types, and How They Work

In reality, generators don’t produce any electricity. They instead transform chemical or mechanical energy into electrical energy. They achieve this by squeezing electrons from an… View Article Read More

Solar Energy in Marshfield, MA
June 17

How Does a Solar Panel Convert Sunlight Into Electricity?

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Electrical Safety in Marshfield, MA
May 19

9 Tips to Stay Safe When Working Around Electricity

There are some minor electrical tasks that are fairly easy to do on your own as long as you know a bit about what you’re… View Article Read More

Electrical Safety in Marshfield, MA
April 15

12 Ways to Avoid an Electrical Fire

Your home’s electrical system is what makes your lights, appliances, and other mechanical conveniences work. However, electricity can also be a deadly force as fires… View Article Read More

Fuses in Marshfield, MA
March 18

What Type of Fuses Do I Need in My Home?

After a fuse has blown in your home, it’s simple enough to go to a hardware store in Marshfield, MA and purchase a new one…. View Article Read More