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Your electrical panel operates as the heart of your home’s wiring. When you have problems with your electrical panel or particular circuit breakers within, you’ll experience everything from flickering lights to complete loss of power. Crowe Electric specializes in electrical panel repair and replacement in Kingston, MA, providing home owners with reliable electrical service.

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Electrical Panel

What’s Inside my Electrical Panel?

Power comes into your home via a cable connecting to your electrical panel (sometimes called a circuit breaker panel). Inside the panel, electrical circuits allocate power throughout your home. Each circuit supports a limited amount of electricity, which allows you to have power when other circuits go down and protects you against potential electrical fires.

When you open the door of your electrical panel, you’ll have access to your circuit breakers and main power switch. Many panels have labels next to breakers outlining what a particular circuit controls, making it easy to recognize where a problem lies when you have electrical problems. Should you have an issue with your electricity, the circuit breaker will trip and you’ll see the breaker switch in the center or on the opposite side.

What if I Have a Fuse Box Instead of Circuit Breakers?

If you open your electrical panel and see round glass plugs instead of circuit breaker switches, you have a fuse box. Fuse boxes often show up in older buildings, offering the same function but with more setbacks. At Crowe Electric, we can help you replace your fuse box with an electrical panel so you can enjoy these modern benefits:

Most fuse boxes don’t have a high enough amperage to handle the high electrical needs of modern-day appliances.

When a fuse blows in your box, you have to replace it. Circuit breakers can flip back into place and function until the switch itself stops working.

Fuse boxes don’t function with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) outlets, which means that if moisture damages an outlet, the circuit won’t stop and may cause an electrical fire.
Circuit Breakers

When Do I Need Electrical Panel Repair or Replacement?

If you have problems with your circuit breakers, we start by assessing whether you need electrical panel repair or replacement. Certain factors affect our assessment, such as the age of your electrical panel and the problems you’re experiencing. Common signs that you need a new electrical panel include the following:

Crackling, buzzing, or humming inside the electrical panel

Lights dimming or flickering throughout the home

Constantly tripping breakers


Blackened spots near your breakers

Burning smells

Rust or apparent water damage

Appliance use causing breakers to trip at certain power levels

Some problems require circuit breaker repairs to individual switches, while others indicate the need for total electrical panel replacement.

Crowe Electric provides you with professionally licensed electricians with experience dealing with various fuse boxes and electrical panels. We’ll perform safety testing on your panel that keeps you and your home safe from potential electrical fires, then discuss our findings with you. You can expect transparent pricing, a full explanation of what electrical work you need, and a reasonable timeline for repairs or replacements.

Electrical Panel Replacement or Repair

Can I DIY My Electrical Panel Replacement or Repair?

Many home owners believe they can save money and time by attempting to repair or install their own electrical panels. Without a thorough education on building electrical wiring and federal and local building codes, you may unknowingly cause future electrical problems. Common mistakes made during DIY electrical panel replacement include:

Each of these problems can not only put your home in danger of burning down, but you or a loved one may electrocute themselves or overload your circuits. These issues may also cause difficulties during inspections to sell your building in the future.

Electrical Panel Replacement by Crowe Electric

If your electrical panel repair requires replacement, you can count on Crowe Electric to use only the best electrical panel brands in the industry. Some of our favorite electrical panel brands include:

  • Square D Electrical Panels
  • Siemens Electrical Panels
  • Eaton Electrical Panels

The brand you choose depends on your specific needs, as each brand produces a wide variety of panels offering different amperages and box sizes. Your Crowe Electric technician will help you determine which brand and panel type works best for your building.

You’ll have many considerations while replacing your current electrical panel. Some decisions may include the following:

Installing a new electrical panel allows you to place it in its current location or move it somewhere more convenient. Generally, you want your breaker box close to areas using a lot of electricity, such as your kitchen or laundry room. Choose a spot that’s easily accessible with plenty of light so you can easily see the switches.

The size of your electrical panel depends on how much power you use in your home. If you have a lot of appliances or rely on electricity for everything from flushing your toilet to heating your home, you’ll need a larger panel. Residential electrical panels range from 100 amps to 400 amps.

Your licensed electrician from Crowe Electric can help you determine how much amperage your panel needs to supply.

Circuit breaker switches differ depending on how many volts they supply to particular parts of your home. For example, your HVAC unit needs 240 volts, while your wall sconces may only need 120. Crowe Electric helps you determine which circuits belong on which circuit breakers, so you can worry less about tripping breakers or power loss.

Electrical Panel Replacement

FAQs About Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement

Crowe Electric customers frequently have many questions regarding electrical panel repair and replacement, so we’ve gathered the most common ones for your convenience.

Electrical panels need replacement every 20 to 30 years, but that doesn’t mean your current box only needs repairs. If your electrical panel causes problems when you use your electricity, you may need more amperage.

Dedicated circuits provide power to particular appliances or circuits that require a significant amount of electricity. You may have dedicated circuits for HVAC units, washers and dryers, or your water heater. These circuits prevent your electrical panel from overloading and causing problems during continuous electricity use.

Not necessarily. Some panels only need replacement with a similar breaker box. Signs that you need to upgrade to a larger electrical panel include:

  • Constant repairs to your current box
  • Breakers tripping frequently
  • Certain appliances only operating at lower power

In most cases, you won’t need rewiring throughout your home. However, if your circuits lack a grounding wire, you may need to update your electrical system to prevent potential fires or other electrical hazards.

Some electrical panel brands need immediate replacement. For example, many homes with panels installed in the 1980s may have a box branded with Federal Pacific. These electrical panels caused multiple house fires and suffered a 25 percent failure rate on their breakers.

Long story short, if your electrical panel has Federal Pacific on it, contact Crowe Electric to discuss replacing it before problems arise.

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Professional Electrical Panel Replacement and Repair in Kingston, MA and Surrounding Areas

If you’ve noticed problems with your electrical panel, suffer from constantly tripping breakers, or need a professional opinion, Crowe Electric’s licensed electricians can help. Our team of qualified electrical experts can recognize potential problems with your electrical panel and guide you in deciding whether to repair or replace it. Call Crowe Electric at 781-678-8266 today to learn more about Kingston, MA, electrical panel repair and replacement.