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From new electrical outlet installation to residential electrical vehicle (EV) charger repairs, the licensed and insured electricians at Crowe Electric can help. Our contractors offer a wide range of electrical services in Scituate, MA, and we quickly become every homeowner’s one-stop shop for residential electrical needs.

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Electrician in Scituate

Without regular access to electricity, homes and businesses throughout Scituate would run out of hot water, sit in the dark, and ruin a lot of food in refrigerators and freezers. Whether you need to fix a faulty electrical panel or run wiring for a new hot tub installation, our team of professional electricians brings you quality solutions at a transparent price. Our contractors have extensive training in various electrical services and can work with all brands, models, and sizes of electrical systems, regardless of age or complexity.

As residents in your community, our electricians know the importance of arriving on time, providing prompt service, and exceeding your expectations. We work hard to ensure that our neighbors have reliable electricity and help them discover new ways that electricity can benefit their lifestyles. Our goal consists of providing the most professional service from friendly and helpful electricians who can also guide home and business owners in choosing the best equipment for their needs.

We guarantee that all of our electricians maintain their licenses and operate under our company insurance, which protects them and you from liabilities and injuries. The protection offered by our insurance makes it possible for our team to work safely and effectively; meanwhile, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re covered in case of any problems. We’re so positive that we can safely and efficiently perform our electrical services that we offer a five-year warranty on our labor. Just call if you need us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Besides our impeccable electrical work, our customers enjoy working with friendly and knowledgeable electricians who provide professional service at reasonable prices. We help our clients with electrical repairs, replacements, and installations while offering extra value at every turn.

Generator Installation in Scituate

While electricity remains one of the most important utilities for everyone from homeowners to hospital administrators, a surprising amount of homes and businesses don’t have backup power. Generators keep a building running, whether that means powering refrigerators, freezers, or other important home or commercial appliances. Our electricians can help home and business owners choose the right brand, model, and size of generator for their situation, then provide efficient and effective installation.

One of the biggest decisions when it comes to generators consists of choosing the proper size. Some property owners only need a generator to keep their appliances running, while others want to continue using every light switch and outlet in their building during a power outage. Depending on the type of property you own, our electrical services in Scituate, MA, cover the installation, repairs, and maintenance of these two large-scale generators.

Whole Home Generators

Used for residential properties, whole home generators keep an entire household running, allowing homeowners to operate as normal while the rest of their neighborhood goes dark.

Whole Property Generators

Commercial whole property generators ensure that businesses or organizations, ranging from restaurants to hospitals, don’t lose power during major storms or outages.

Besides choosing the best generator for your needs, you can also explore generator fuel sources such as propane or natural gas. Our electricians have experience working with both types, ensuring safe and proper installation. Whether you have a natural line to tap into or need to pour the juice in yourself, we help you keep the lights on no matter what’s happening in the neighborhood.

Since generators must meet special building codes, professional installation ensures that you have no issues with a faulty generator. Expert generator installation also makes it easier to sell your home in the future since you’ll know that the system will pass inspections.

Generator Installation - Crowe Electric

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Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement in Scituate

Homes and commercial properties supply their entire building with electricity from a centralized electrical panel. Electricity comes into the panel from a main line supplied by city or county power systems, then branches out in circuits throughout a building. Each circuit supplies electricity at different voltage strengths, with some of them powering particular appliances or equipment.

Property owners can control the circuits by using switches located inside the electric panel or circuit breaker box. In cases of electrical surges or faulty wiring, the breaker will trip and need resetting. When this happens, home or business owners should reset the breaker and watch it to ensure it doesn’t trip again, making notes on which ones trip repeatedly.

A constantly tripping breaker might indicate a problem with the switch or an issue with some electrical component attached to that particular circuit. If all of your switches show signs they need replacing, you may need a professional electrician to come out and install a new electrical panel. Signs of a failing or malfunctioning electrical panel include:

  • An unusual burning smell
  • Overheated panel
  • Strange sounds coming from the electrical panel
  • Black marks surrounding the panel
  • A panel that trips regularly
  • Dim or flickering lights

If you open up your breaker box and discover small cartridges or glass bulbs inside, you have a fuse box. Fuse boxes usually appear in older buildings and function much like an electrical panel. However, fuse boxes usually only operate at 60 amps, while most residential buildings need at least 200 amps to function.

Whether you need a new electrical panel or want to upgrade your fuse box to a circuit breaker, our team at Crowe Electric can provide you with safe, reliable electrical services in Scituate, MA.

Surge Protection in Scituate

Many home and business owners use power strips to help protect their sensitive appliances and equipment from electrical surges. Surges happen thanks to lightning strikes, electrical overloads, and electricity kicking back on after a power outage. Power surges send large amounts of electricity into your circuits; this sudden surge can damage everything from refrigerators to charging computers.

Instead of worrying about power surges and installing power strips throughout your home, our team at Crowe Electric helps you save everything at once with whole-property surge protection. From helping homeowners enjoy a safer, more comfortable home to giving commercial property owners peace of mind during bad storms, our services help you protect all electronics inside and outside of your building. 

When you ask Crowe Electric to install surge protection for your property, our team comes out to inspect your yard and electrical system. We work with you to find a convenient date and time for installing the system, then place it in an easy-to-reach place so you can check on it or use it when needed. Our team also offers repairs and maintenance for whole-property surge protection systems, allowing you to trust that they will always protect your electrical equipment.

While many home and business owners in Scituate may worry about what will happen to their properties during bad storms or power outages, we make it possible for you to relax and trust in your new protective system.

EV Charging Installation in Scituate

Whether trying to save money on gas or looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint, many drivers have switched from regular automobiles to electric vehicles, or EVs. These are greener options to gas-powered vehicles that have made great strides in technological upgrades, offering the same benefits as regular cars while using much fewer resources. To make the most of their EVs, drivers can install electric vehicle chargers in their own homes.

Some of the many benefits of installing a home-based EV charger include:

  • Increased property value
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Easy EV battery maintenance
  • Easy access to a charging station
  • Convenient electrical vehicle charging
  • Savings on money spent to charge your EV

Proper EV charger installation must meet the National Electric Code in order to remain safe, effective, and passable during home inspections. At Crowe Electric, we use the best equipment and materials to install a safe and reliable EV charger in your chosen location. Our technical knowledge allows our team to offer Scituate EV drivers two different types of chargers, including the following.

Level One

A level one EV charger comes with several benefits. Specifically, it’s compatible with a 120-volt outlet and doesn’t have any special installation needs, making it easier to install. However, the charge time for EVs is much longer, at about 50 hours.

Level Two

Level two EV chargers require specific electrical paneling and need a 240-volt outlet to operate. That said, they can charge electric vehicles in as little as 10 

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