Install generators in Cohasset, MA for your home to ensure that you always have power. Generators turn mechanical energy into electrical energy even when you’re not connected to the grid. It can keep lights on in your home or business, so there is no downtime. There is nothing worse than having no power at home if you work from home or if you have things you need to do. Generator services ensure that the equipment is in good condition and efficient. We recommend scheduling routine maintenance and service. The frequency will depend on the age of the generator as well as how often it is used.

There are many different types of backup generators. Popular options include whole house, portable, gasoline, diesel, solar and natural gas. Whole house options are highly popular because they will turn on automatically and can power an entire home. They can also connect to existing fuel lines and have a long lifespan. Once you’ve installed them, you won’t really need to think about them again.