Portable generators in Plymouth, MA are smaller in size than whole house generators, but can typically do just about everything you may need for a short period of time. These generators are often fueled by gasoline, solar power or propane. They’re often considered to be the best portable generator for those who are on a budget and who do not need power for extended periods of time, as they will cost a lot less than whole house alternatives. You can take these generators with you with ease.

One of the caveats of portable generators is that they will not be able to power your entire home. If you are using these generators to power smaller appliances, make sure that you check the wattage of the tools before plugging them in. Unlike other alternatives, these devices also do not turn on automatically, so make sure that you keep them in an area that’s easy to access. Because they also produce fumes from the fuel, it’s best to keep them outdoors during operation for safety reasons.