Protect your home’s electrical system and appliances by installing surge protection in Rockland, MA. There are many different types of surge protectors. The three most popular include service entrance surge protectors, receptacle surge protectors and whole house surge protectors. Receptacle surge protectors are the ones that most people are most familiar with. These small devices are easy to install and look like a power strip. Service entrance surge protectors are the most durable but also the largest in size. Whole house surge protectors in Rockland tend to be the most protective.

Figuring out which surge protection device to install in your home can take some research. Fortunately, Crowe Electric can easily help you figure out what it is that you need. We will send out a professional to inspect the electrical system layout of your home. We’ll also need to consider other factors, like the electric usage, the type of appliances you have and more, when designing the perfect surge protection setup.