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While some electrical repairs can occur inside your home or business, underground wiring requires different treatment and handling. At Crowe Electric, our team has experience dealing with electrical cables above and under the ground, giving you peace of mind when something goes wrong with your electricity. If you need underground electrical repair for your home or business property, call us to work with an experienced electrical contractor in Marshfield, MA.

Call our experienced professionals at (781) 633-7315 when you need underground electrical repair in Marshfield, MA.

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Underground Wiring Location Services in Marshfield

The key to properly repairing underground electrical wires is knowing where the damage is. Modern technologies make it possible for our electrical technicians at Crowe Electric to find problems throughout your line, enabling us to quickly and effectively repair the issue. By tracing the wires and cables used to compose your underground electricity, we can find faults in electrical components, including:

  • Landscape lighting
  • Sub-panel cables
  • Light poles

How We Repair Underground Electrical Wiring in Marshfield, MA

Electricians at Crowe Electric repair underground power lines in four steps outlined below:

1. Locate the Wire

The first step to safe underground electrical repair in Marshfield, MA, involves disconnecting your power lines on both ends, leaving the line clear and open. After safely disconnecting the power, our team uses state-of-the-art equipment to run high-power electricity through the cables. Such high voltage helps us determine break locations in your lines.

2. Dig Up the Breaks

Upon locating the damaged spots, we dig up the ground above it. Sometimes we can accomplish this with hand tools, but in other circumstances, we’ll need excavating equipment like backhoes. Digging up lines may sometimes entail ripping up yards, driveways, or gardens, so make sure to warn residents, employees, or renters about upcoming underground electrical work. 

3. Repair Damaged Lines

After uncovering the broken lines, we’ll determine the severity of the break and perform repairs. Crowe Electric technicians use splice kits, heat guns, and other tools of the trade to repair broken lines and ensure complete connectivity before calling the repairs complete. If the line needs too many repairs, we may replace parts of it or suggest a complete replacement.

4. Rebury the Lines

After ensuring the good condition of your underground wiring, we’ll reconnect everything and rebury the lines. While we can’t guarantee a perfect rendition of your yard or driveway, we’ll do our best to give you back the ground we dug up.

Why Repair Underground Electrical Wiring Instead of Replacing in Marshfield

Some property owners may wonder why we suggest underground wiring repairs over replacements. Here are a few reasons:

  • It can take a long time to complete an underground electrical replacement, requiring days of downtime.
  • The pricing rises significantly since we’ll have to dig up more ground and spend more time properly replacing every inch of your power lines.
  • Replacements require much more material than electrical repairs.

If your underground electrical wiring consists of dangerous, outdated materials or has too much damage, our electricians might suggest replacement instead of repairs. While replacements cost more and take more time, having to constantly call for underground wiring repairs will eventually outstrip the price of a complete replacement.

Repair Your Underground Electrical Wiring with Crowe Electric in Marshfield, MA

Home or business owners should always leave electrical work to professional hands to avoid accidental injuries or property damage. From electrical panel repair and replacement to damaged underground cables, our Crowe Electric team can help.

When you need underground electrical repair in Marshfield, MA, call our experts at (781) 633-7315.