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Now, you can stop searching for “ceiling fan installation near me” in Norwell, MA. Crowe Electric offers professional installation, repair, and maintenance at prices any home can afford. If you want a team with over 300 five-star reviews, let us tell you more about what we can offer you for ceiling fans or anything else.

Deciding to install ceiling fans typically presents a great alternative to installing or upgrading an HVAC unit in Norwell, MA. Fan blades do not control a room’s relative temperature, but they help tremendously with air circulation, which is just as essential. A simple flick of a wall switch will move air, evaporate moisture from different surfaces, and even distribute heated air more effectively in winter.

These benefits mean that a simple ceiling fan can complement an HVAC system or even replace it at times. Fans have come a long way, but you will still want an expert ceiling fan service to install and maintain them for the best results. Why not find out more from Crowe Electric?

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Installing Ceiling Fans and Other Services

At Crowe Electric, we emphasize top-notch electrical services, including installing and repairing ceiling fans. You will receive the best quality service from our team as we help you with tasks like the following:

Dependable Ceiling Fan Installers Near Me in Norwell, MA and Surrounding Areas

Did you know that fans have been around since at least 500 BC? Ceiling fans first appeared around 1882, and the concept has come a long way since then. Today’s four main types of ceiling fans include:

Would you like the most cost-effective ceiling fan option in your Norwell, MA, home? Install a direct-drive ceiling fan. The blades attach to an outer mold that cycles around a non-moving inner core.

These fans feature a spinner motor. Industries and warehouses use these fans the most, even though they may be noisier than more modern options. Homeowners tend to pursue newer, quieter types.

These fans use a flywheel component with fan blades on a centralized part made from rubber or metal. Sometimes designers will conceal these blades as part of the design. Stock motor fans were trendy during the 1970s and the 1980s.

Do you want a vintage aesthetic without stone-age technology? Many homeowners go for the old look but new technology of a cast-iron ceiling fan. These fans are still electrical but make a great statement piece.

Another way to replicate a vintage look to your ceiling fans is through belt-driven electrical motors. They resemble antique water-operated fans while running off a modern-day electrical motor.

Cost-effective Ceiling Fan Replacement and Repairs

Ceiling fans can be sturdy and generally require less maintenance than HVAC systems, but issues do arise. For example, cheaper ceiling fans may exhibit wobbling, which can get noisy. Wobbling stems from a misalignment that does not distribute weight evenly to every blade. Other issues can include:

Loud, annoying noises or knocking sounds

Warping blades

Blades starting to bend

Seeing a blade wobble can be a shock since a typical ceiling fan is at least 50 pounds. Most ceiling fans will not actually fall, but it is best to call our team to be sure. We will service your indoor or outdoor ceiling fans, ensuring they operate properly. 

Advantages of Ceiling Fans - Crowe Electric

What are the Advantages of Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans provide many benefits for your home in Norwell, MA.

It costs a lot to rely on an HVAC system to cool or heat your home. A ceiling fan installation can keep your family comfortable while reducing your energy bills. Using the HVAC system less also reduces the wear and tear and repair needs for these complicated systems.

Ceiling fans offer an extra light fixture, so they are an excellent way to brighten up dark rooms.

Gone are the days when we pull on a black wire or chain to operate our ceiling fan. Remote controls now let us control speed and light without getting up from the sofa or bed. You can even install ceiling fans with smart technology that you can operate from further afield.

Today’s ceiling fans are virtually silent. While HVAC systems are slowly following suit, a ceiling fan is still a much quieter option than an air conditioner.

Ceiling fans are better for the environment than HVAC systems because they consume less energy. They also take up less space.

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Let us pair your home and budget with the right ceiling fan. We consider functionality, aesthetics, and anything else you need.

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