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Whether you’re building a home, looking for electrical repairs, or renovating your house to better suit your electrical needs, Crowe Electric’s experienced electricians can help. Our professional contractors provide many electrical services in Norwell, MA, making it easy for anyone to get the electrical help they deserve.

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Electrician in Norwell

Homes and businesses in Norwell rely on electricity for everything from hot water to dependable lighting, making it an absolute necessity for comfortable and safe functionality. Whether you need new outlets installed or want to wire up a new hot tub, you can trust our licensed and insured contractors to provide you with prompt service and quality solutions. Our wide range of electrical services encompass all types of indoor and outdoor electrical repairs and installations.

When you hire our contractors at Crowe Electric, you work with members of your community who know the honor of living and working in Norwell. Since we live here too, we know the unique needs of Norwell homes and businesses and understand how we can best help property owners reach their goals. Because we want our neighbors to enjoy top-tier electrical services with minimal worries, each of our electricians maintains their license and works under our insurance.

You can count on our contractors to work with safe and effective techniques and use only the best materials in your home or business. Should an accident occur, you won’t have to worry about you or your business’s liability since our own insurance covers each contractor. This coverage also ensures that if anything happens to your home or business during our work, our insurance can help you repair or replace any broken or damaged items.

We’re so sure of our ability to provide you with the best electrical services that we offer a five-year warranty on our labor. If at any time you believe that our work doesn’t meet your needs, give us a call. Our professional electricians will come to your home or business and make it right.

Our goals for every service are to deliver quality, efficiency, and longevity. We proudly offer a five-year warranty on all our work for guaranteed protection and value for your home and installation. We serve the Cohasset, MA, community with residential and commercial electrical services from expert technicians you can trust, and our electricians frequently receive positive feedback from customers.

Generator Installation in Norwell

Despite electricity being one of the most important utilities for homes and businesses, many property owners surprisingly don’t have a back up plan for power outages. Our team at Crowe Electric can help home and business owners find the right type of generator for their electrical needs and install it safely and effectively. With experience with all brands, models, and sizes of generators, we can handle everything from portable generators to whole-home generators.

Smaller generators can help you keep important appliances like refrigerators or freezers running, while whole-house generators ensure that every outlet and switch works in a home. Businesses can also opt for whole-property commercial generators, which are especially important in healthcare, restaurant, and similar industries. A professionally installed generator can keep food cold, maintain good air quality, and ensure comfort regardless of what storm or downed power line sucks the electricity from nearby addresses.

The best aspect of generators consists of their ability to run off of different energy sources. Whether you want to use natural gas or propane, our installers can ensure that your generator always gets the juice it needs to keep the electricity running in your home or business. We have experience with repairing and installing both types of generators, making it easy for anyone to benefit from them.

Generators require special building codes due to their power creation and storage, and our professional generator contractors know how to assist with them all. You can rely on your new generator to pass all local codes while keeping your home or business lit up and comfortable during power outages. Our team ensures that you’re never in the dark during an emergency and will show you how to operate your new generator so you can troubleshoot small, easily fixable problems.

Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement in Norwell

Whether you own a home or a commercial property, electricity use requires the installation and maintenance of an electrical panel, sometimes called a circuit panel. Inside the metal door, you’ll find a series of switches, each of them leading to particular circuits throughout your building. As the main electrical line comes in, it splits off into multiple channels to power certain parts of a home or commercial building, often with particular voltages going to large appliance plugs, such as refrigerators.

Problems with your electrical panel can cause issues like flickering lights, unstable power outlets, and in some cases, complete loss of power to a section of your home or business. These problems can severely affect your lifestyle, making it difficult to use entire rooms or disabling you from using particular appliances. Should a circuit go out unexpectedly, you may lose power to important equipment like commercial or residential refrigerators.

Many homeowners may not recognize the signs of a failing circuit breaker, but knowing what to look for can save you from sudden electrical failures or electrical fires. Some signs that you might have problems with your electrical panel include:

  • Panel overheating
  • Rust or water damage
  • Electrical burning odors
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Constantly tripping breakers
  • Unusual sounds coming from the panel

If you see black marks or spots around a circuit breaker, that particular switch may need replacement. In other cases, the entire panel may need repair or replacement, especially if you have the switch exchanged with a new one, only for it to continue malfunctioning.

Not all homes have a circuit breaker box. Older homes may have a fuse box, usually made up of a literal metal box with glass bulbs inside instead of electrical switches. Whether you have circuit breakers or want to upgrade from fuses to a circuit breaker box, you can depend on Crowe Electric to help you make the most of your electrical wiring.

Surge Protection in Norwell

You probably have at least one surge protection strip in your home, with most homeowners using them to protect expensive TVs, computers, and other electronics from power surges. These surges frequently happen due to an electrical overload, lightning strike, or when power comes back after an outage. When a power surge occurs, the sudden amount of electricity coming in can kill electronic equipment, ranging from cell phones on chargers to home appliances. 

Our team at Crowe Electric provides professional electrical services in Norwell, MA, that include surge protection. We help homeowners enjoy a safe and more comfortable home with whole-home surge protection designed to protect every outlet and power switch in your house. Not only does this guarantee safety for your home, but it also allows you to stop worrying about purchasing enough power strips to protect multiple electronics.

Ensuring the safety of your home from electrical surges begins with a thorough inspection of your property by our professional electrical contractors. This inspection allows us to build a realistic plan for installing surge protection equipment, followed by quick and effective installation and a guarantee of outstanding results. We’ll also help you choose the best surge protection system for your home.

Homeowners in Norwell can expect professional service and friendly, knowledgeable installers to guide them in how their new system will work. This system does its job automatically, leaving you free to relax in the knowledge that any electrical surges can’t hurt your electrical appliances.

EV Charging Installation in Norwell

Electric vehicles, or EVs, have emerged as a greener option to gas-powered vehicles. Many drivers considering making the switch worry about where they can charge their car, especially since most drivers still use gas stations as their main fuel source. With EV charging stations few and far between, drivers of electric vehicles often opt to have one built into their garage or driveway.

The benefits of installing an EV charger in your home include:

  • Easy maintenance of your EV battery
  • The convenience of charging your EV at home
  • EV charger installation increases property value
  • Low energy consumption while saving money on public EV chargers
  • Easy access to a charging station instead of fruitless searches in public areas

EV charger stations require careful and precise installation that meets the National Electric Code and provides safe and reliable charging. Our team only uses the best equipment during EV charger installation, ensuring that you have a consistently dependable way to charge your electric vehicle. When you partner with us, you’ll get outstanding results from experts you can trust.

At Crowe Electric, we offer Norwell EV drivers two types of residential chargers.

Level One

These EV chargers are:

  • Compatible with 120-volt outlet
  • Requires no special outlet installation
  • Charge time for EVs can take up to 50 hours

Level Two

This type of EV charger:

  • Needs specific electrical paneling
  • Requires a designated 240-volt outlet
  • Has a charge time that can take up to 10 hours
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