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Electrical Services in Milton, MA

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Most Trusted Provider of Electrical Services in Milton, MA

When it comes to electrical maintenance, generators, lighting solutions, and more, Norfolk County residents turn to one company for the job. Crowe Electric is the most trusted provider of electrical services in Milton, MA, and the surrounding communities. Learn more about our services and how we can help you. 

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Electrical Services in Milton, MA

Electrician in Milton, MA

We use electricity every day. If something is suddenly wrong with your power supply or electrical fixtures, it can be a huge inconvenience. You need to act fast if you want a solution, which is where our crew comes in. 

Crowe Electric is the top-rated electrician serving Milton and other areas of Norfolk County. Our goal is to keep your home running like normal with a range of services, including electrical maintenance, repairs, and new installation. You can count on us when you have electrical panels and wiring issues or need upgrades. 

Our wide range of services also include:

  • Underground services and repairs
  • Heating and air conditioning wiring
  • Fan installation
  • TV mounting
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting solutions
  • Outlet repair

No matter your issue, our electricians respond fast and provide excellent service. We offer a five-year workmanship warranty on all our electrical services in Milton, MA, so you can’t go wrong calling our experts. We arrive at every service appointment with the necessary equipment and know-how to tackle any electrical problem in your home. 

Milton residents aren’t the only ones who count on us to fix their electrical needs. Owners also trust our team when they need to keep the doors open despite faulty electrical systems. Our trained experts understand the complexities of every residential and can effortlessly install or repair electrical wiring and fixtures. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly technicians if you need assistance. Our location in nearby Norwell makes it easy for an electrician to get to your Milton home quickly. From the minute you first contact us, you’ll love our customer-focused service and affordable prices.

Generator Installation in Milton, MA

Many Milton homeowners find themselves out of power when dangerous coastal storms and Nor’easters hit the Boston area. A combination of heavy winds and precipitation can knock out power in your home, depending on the severity of the situation, take several days to restore. Thankfully, we can help keep you out of the dark with whole-home and portable generators. 

Our professional electricians will set you up with a generator that supplies your home with the power you need to function. We guarantee you’ll have lighting and charging capabilities even if the power lines in your neighborhood are down. Beyond that, our whole-home generator installation provides you with the following benefits:

  • Compact designs that operate outdoors
  • Modern systems that run quietly
  • Sufficient power for regular usage

You never know when a weather emergency will knock out power in Milton. With a reliable backup generator, you can prepare for anything and continue your normal routine. Bounce back from any emergency with guaranteed electricity.

Our specialists will work with you to find the right generator for your needs. Whether you prefer propane or natural gas as a fuel source, we’ll review your options for systems that are the proper size and use your preferred fuel source. We work with you to simplify the installation process and plan a time that fits your schedule to ensure you experience as little interruption as possible. 

Give yourself peace of mind by installing a generator at your Milton home. These machines make it possible to charge your devices, store and prepare perishable food, and supply your property with light. You’ll be able to carry out your normal routine even when others around you don’t have power.

Upgrade Electrical Panels - Crowe Electric

Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement in Milton, MA

One of our most requested electrical services in Milton, MA, involves repairing faulty electrical panels. These panels serve as the center of all your home’s electrical wiring. Opening the circuit breaker box and flipping the switches to your various electrical systems allows you to power your home with everything from lighting to hot water. 

However, if your lights constantly flicker or appliances quit working, the issue may stem from the electrical panel. Our team can evaluate the condition of your panel and make quick repairs or upgrade the box. Give us a call if you experience any of the following issues with your panel:

  • Circuit breakers frequently trip
  • The panel has rust or visible water damage
  • The panel overheats or smells like it’s burning
  • You hear buzzing or humming noises coming from the box

All of these issues indicate some damage to your panel. Once our electricians can assess the equipment, we’ll let you know whether a repair or replacement is necessary. Sometimes, you’ll have minimal damage to the panel but must replace it because of its age. 

Installing a new electrical panel is a job for our experts. Messing with electrical wiring without the proper equipment or training can cause injury and even spark an electrical fire. Let our crew handle the installation to ensure your safety with a panel that provides sufficient amperage and complies with Milton’s building codes. 

When you trust Crowe Electric to equip your home with a new electrical panel, you can expect the wiring and equipment to last up to 30 years. We don’t believe in doing anything less than an impeccable job, which is why we promise to treat your property as our own.

Surge Protection in Milton, MA

At Crowe Electric, we take pride in helping home in Milton avoid surges and blackouts. Power surges can happen during severe weather or at random when the national power grid malfunctions. When they occur, your electrical devices not only quit working but may even face damage as a result. 

If you’re looking to maintain your home’s energy efficiency and protect your electrical systems, we’re happy to offer surge protection as one of our electrical services in Milton, MA. This service involves installing a high-quality system outside your home that protects the electrical sockets within your home. You’ll also have protection from unexpected transient surges inside your home. 

Installing a surge protection box comes with plenty of benefits, including:

  • Device protection: Appliances from microwaves and air conditioners to phone chargers won’t face any damage due to a power surge. 
  • Lower chance of electrical fires: Power surges can spark fires to devices plugged into outlets, but your home will be much safer with a surge protector. 
  • Money savings: Since your devices and appliances are kept safe, you won’t need to spend money replacing them over electrical issues. Neither will you need to buy countless surge protection strips for your home. 

We make the installation process easy. A qualified electrician will come to your property and assess your electrical systems, then recommend a surge protection system to meet your needs and budget. We always schedule a convenient time to install the system and give you peace of mind should your Milton home get hit with a power surge.

EV Charging Installation in Milton, MA

Do you want to switch from a gas to an electric vehicle, but the power supply at your home is keeping you from making the transition? At Crowe Electric, our technicians can equip your Milton home with a high-quality EV charging station. 

We offer EV charging installation services if you find that Level 1 Charging no longer suits your lifestyle. Plugging your car into a standard 120-volt outlet in your garage is fine if you aren’t looking to upgrade your electrical system. However, this charging method is much slower and requires more planning before taking trips beyond Norfolk County. 

A much-preferred method is to use a Level 2 charging station to power your vehicle. Our experts will set you up with a 240-volt outlet so you can charge your car up to eight times faster than a Level 1 station. All you need to do is hook your car up to the plug, and you’ll have enough charging power to go on long trips without worry. 

Installing a Level 3 charging station gives you even more power to charge several cars at once. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process from start to finish. We’ll perform all the necessary electrical inspections and upgrades to install this superior type of charging station.

With an official EV charging station on your property, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Convenience
  • Higher property value
  • Money savings
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