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Electricity is fundamental to any modern property. It powers your appliances and devices while supplying comfort despite outdoor conditions. With Crowe Electric at your side, you can amplify the convenience and comfort of your residential and commercial properties. Explore our electrical services in Whitman, MA, including generator installation and general electrician assistance, below.  

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Electrician in Whitman, MA

You can’t trust just anybody with your delicate electrical system. An unskilled contractor could damage your electricity network or create avoidable fire hazards. You need a reputable service provider that employs skilled, licensed electricians for all jobs. 

At Crowe Electric, we provide that and more. We set ourselves apart from our competitors with the following customer perks:

  • Varied electrical services that add convenience and value to any home or business
  • Specials on varying services and products to ensure Whitman residents can always afford our professional services
  • Extensive financing options that fit most budgets
  • Customer service that builds strong, lasting relationships with our community members
  • Five-year warranties on all services
  • Access to industry-leading brand names, appliance models, and other pertinent electrical materials.

We also insure our electricians and their work, eliminating liability concerns for you. 

We design every service to provide our customers with peace of mind. Our team believes you should look forward to and feel relieved when an electrician responds to your service request. You shouldn’t fear overinflated prices, exorbitant fees, or contractors who don’t treat your property respectfully. 

Additionally, we have never had a project too large or too small. Every improvement, upgrade, replacement, or repair requires expertise and attention to detail. Without an expert’s exceptional care and skill level, you could nullify your warranty or deal with unforeseen safety risks. 

High electrical voltage can injure or even kill a person. Its intense heat may lead to house fires and destroyed property. Therefore, only qualified electricians should service your electrical system and all connected components.  

Protect your property and family with the best electricians in Whitman, MA. Explore our comprehensive electrical services and how they can improve your home or business. Experience the difference a customer-focused electrician can make in your life. 

Generator Installation in Whitman, MA

Our high-quality generators don’t just improve lives. They can save lives as well. Although generator installation services have increased in popularity over the past few years, many residents in Whitman, MA, still view them as an optional commodity. 

But the price of a power outage increases with the following factors:

  • Frigid winter temperatures: Whitman, MA, has harsh winters with temperatures dipping into the teens. A January power outage will quickly lead to frozen pipes that burst, leaving your home or business in ruins. 
  • Required medical equipment: Some people have medical conditions that require special equipment to improve their quality of life. These implements can’t function without electricity. 
  • Remote work positions: Working from home is a fantastic convenience until the power goes out. You could waste a paid day off on a power outage without a generator. Otherwise, you could lose a day of income. 
  • Sensitive pets: All animals are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. They need shelter to protect them from harsh elements. This goes double for animals like domestic reptiles and similar creatures. A generator protects them and gives you peace of mind. 
  • Children and senior adults: Children and senior adults need electricity to thrive and live comfortably. These demographics may struggle the most during a power outage. Installing a generator preserves their health regardless of external factors. 

Our generators operate quietly, making electricity transitions nearly seamless. Additionally, we install them outdoors to save space and ensure convenience. 

Most modern generators use either natural gas or propane as fuel. Depending on your chosen model, your generator could operate up to a month before you need to refuel. We also provide annual maintenance, repairs, and replacement services, making Crowe Electric the most reliable generator service provider around.  

Create a backup plan to keep your family and business operating seamlessly through any outage.  

Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement in Whitman, MA

Each building has an electrical panel that delivers an appropriate electricity level to various zones and types of electrical appliances. This integral implement can sometimes malfunction, creating fire risks and preventing adequate energy flow. We consider electrical panel repair and replacement one of our most essential electrical services in Whitman, MA. 

What happens when your outdated electrical panel kicks up a fuss? You’ll notice some of the following indicators:

  • Circuit breaks: Your panel disperses electricity to different circuit networks. When too much electricity flows from your panel into your circuitry, the breakers will stop the circuit. Has flipping breaker switches become a common occurrence? Your panel may cause the problem. 
  • Flickering lights: Do your lights flicker or dim when you plug in a power-hungry appliance? Your panel diverts energy from your light design to compensate for that appliance’s power requirements. 
  • Smoky smudges: Have you ever noticed black or gray smudges on your power outlets or panel covers? These smudges indicate a small fire occurred. You need emergency electrical services to protect your home. 
  • Hot components: Outlets and panels should feel cool to the touch or match the room temperature. However, they may feel strangely warm when you touch them. Hot components could mean wires and other parts are overheating when in use. 
  • Burning smells: If you smell burning rubber or smoke but can’t find the source, call an emergency electrician and the fire department to investigate. You could have an electrical fire behind the walls caused by your electrical panel. 
  • Sizzling sounds: When you approach your electrical panel, you shouldn’t hear anything unexpected. However, a malfunctioning panel could make sizzling noises, indicating a fire hazard. It could also produce buzzing noises. A panel that isn’t silent needs professional services. 

We also recommend our customers replace their panels every 20 to 30 years. 

Surge Protection in Whitman, MA

Are surge protection services really that important? We certainly think so! Power surges often follow outages as electricity rushes through the grid. Sometimes, these surges are harmless. Other times, they wreak expensive havoc for home and business owners. 

When the power grid fails for any reason, it delivers no power to any building within its area. Once linemen and other professionals get the grid back online, an electricity rush pushes through the power lines and into your home. This can deliver thousands of volts more than your electrical system can manage. 

The surge can destroy any plugged-in appliances or network components responsible for regulating residential or commercial electricity. Our surge protection technology catches excess volts and redirects them, protecting your home, electrical system, devices, and appliances. 

Without surge protection, you could experience problems such as:

  • Damaged or destroyed laptops, desktops, and tablets when plugged in during the surge
  • Destruction of integral appliances like washers, dryers, and refrigerators 
  • Melted plastic components like light switches and outlets
  • Burnt, defective wires due to extreme temperatures and power

Perhaps you use surge protection strips to prevent surges from damaging your home or business. While surge strips can offer some protection, they can only do so much. Plus, they look clunky and take up floor space. 

Our surge protection technology integrates seamlessly into your home or business’s electrical networks for effective damage prevention without the eye sore. Schedule a consultation to find protection that fits your lifestyle. 

EV Charging Installation in Whitman, MA

Electric vehicles are no longer a thing of the future. More people have integrated them into their lives as their main mode of transportation. However, many homes and businesses lack the resources needed to keep an EV fueled. 

Crowe Electric’s crew can install EV charging stations at your commercial or residential property. Whether you’re considering an electronic vehicle or currently own one, you’ll increase your property value with this added convenience. We offer three types of charging stations:

  • Level 1: This charging station works best for residential properties. It can recharge your vehicle overnight. However, you might need a more powerful charger for longer trips. 
  • Level 2: We recommend level two for residential and commercial properties. They can charge a vehicle quicker than a level one. They work with most modern electrical systems. However, one of our electricians will inspect your panel and other components to confirm adequate safety. 
  • Level 3: A level three is the most powerful. They work great for most businesses. They provide a faster charge than the previous two. Although most residential properties can’t support this level, we can still inspect yours to find the perfect fit. 

EV chargers provide convenience at every turn. Rather than seeking an adequate station, you can come home for a charge. If you own a business, you’ll reap the benefits of satisfied customers who feel you considered their needs. 

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