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Electrical Services in Canton, MA

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Electrical Services in Canton, MA

Your Canton household likely uses a lot more electricity than it did a few decades ago, from lighting to EV charging stations. Thankfully, when you need electrical services in Canton, MA, you can turn to Crowe Electric’s family-owned and operated team 24/7. 

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Electrical Services in Canton, MA

Electrician in Canton, MA

Since 2017, Crowe Electric has been placing customer satisfaction above all else by providing expertise and efficiency across all our electrical repairs and installations. Our highly trained electricians receive guidance from the company’s certified and skilled Master Electrician at every step. Drawing on this level of experience means we can typically take care of any electrical concerns in one day, leaving your Canton property with long-lasting wiring and lighting solutions.

If your residential or needs electric work, hiring our Canton professionals is always the safest option. Our electricians don’t do guesswork when it comes to damaged wiring, and power surges. We’ll use our extensive knowledge to protect you and your property from fires, electrical shocks, and other dangers that subpar electrical work can bring. 

Here are a few other benefits of scheduling Crowe Electric’s services in Canton, Massachusetts:

Insured and Licensed

As the leading electrical company in Canton and nearby areas, we enhance customer safety by carrying comprehensive insurance. It protects you from liability in the unlikely event of an accident on the clock, whether during a repair, replacement, or maintenance check.

Emergency Services

Reach out during the day, night, holiday, or weekend, and a trusted Crowe Electric team member will always be around to take your call. With 24/7 services, we’ll immediately dispatch a team to remedy your Canton property’s electrical issues. 

Clean Worksite

We work clean, laying down drop cloths and taking all the necessary precautions to leave your home or work area spotless after we’re finished.

Great Warranties

We top off all electrical services in Canton, MA, with a five-year warranty to ensure you’re always happy with our work. So, trust us to upgrade your surge protection, repair a switch, install new outdoor lighting, and much more.

Generator Installation in Canton, MA

You rely heavily on electricity to keep things running smoothly. So, what do you do when power outages make life inconvenient or put a stop to daily operations? Deciding to install and power on a new emergency generator is one foolproof solution to keep an electric stove on at dinner time, warmth for a Massachusetts winter evening, and a charged electric car.

However, if you’re considering this major investment for comfort and protection, it’s wise to choose the right one. Will you go with natural gas or propane-fueled, and portable or standby? Depending on your needs and the property’s layout, Crowe Electric can help you determine the best generator and take care of the installation details.

With generators, we supply you with a top brand that’ll supply your Canton property with enough power to run your devices with little to no noise. If you have a whole-house generator installed, we can also ensure it’s ready for use any time you need it with annual maintenance visits. Still, if you use your generator frequently, be sure to ask our professionals to service it once for every 500 hours of operation to cover filter and oil changes and fix loose parts to avoid costly repairs. 

Depending on how often you use your generator, your Canton unit may last between 25 and 40 years (10,000 to 30,000 hours). It depends on the make and model, but when you start to notice a decline or the following signs, you’ll need a replacement:

  • Unusual noises
  • Excess fuel consumption
  • Constant repairs
  • Delays in start-up
  • Charging issues
  • Fluid leaks

Plus, when we install your new generator within one day, we’ll also provide a five-year warranty for your guaranteed satisfaction with our electrical services in Canton, MA. 

Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement in Canton, Massachusetts

Just as a generator provides electricity during a blackout, your electrical panel supplies current to all parts of your property as your main source of energy. All cables around your Canton property run to a circuit breaker panel, which houses several circuits. Each of these has limited energy capabilities to prevent an overload that could short-circuit equipment or cause fires and shocks. 

So, when the power goes out, the first thing to try would be flipping a tripped circuit breaker off and on again. If that doesn’t work, you’ll likely need electrical repairs. You’ll also know you need electrical panel repairs if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Dimming or flickering lights from an insufficient amount of energy
  • A constantly tripping breaker (the switch goes into the off position by itself or gets stuck)
  • A burning smell or black spots around the breaker, which indicates overheating
  • Rust or water damage near the breaker
  • Buzzing or other unusual noises coming from the box

In some cases, repairing a circuit or two will be enough to solve the issue and restore electricity to your Canton, MA. When we check, we’ll perform safety tests on all the circuit breakers and properly assess the type your property has to find the issue. Repairing shoddy wiring installation or sloppy connections is easy, but a replacement will be in order if your unit is already decades old or giving constant concerns. 

Do you need a panel replacement? We’ll use a top brand and then calculate the appropriate amperage depending on how much electricity your Canton property consumes on average. If your demand requires a larger panel ranging up to 400 amps, we’ll check that requirement before determining the best location to suit building codes.

Surge Protection in Canton, Massachusetts

Electrical surges involve a voltage spike that sends more than the typical amount of energy to each outlet or appliance in your Canton property. From a charging phone or car to your television and washer-dryer set, these surges easily fry plugged-in equipment, cause smoke, or destroy a handful of expensive items in one shot. Surges can also cause hazardous fires and shock anyone who handles outlets or wires during the surge, so they can be very serious.

Fortunately, you have the option for surge protection installation in Canton. Our professional electrician shuts off the power for absolute safety before preparing your main electrical panel for a surge protection device. We then mount it and carefully connect the wires. 

If you’re going with a Type 1 rather than a Type 2 protector, we’ll install the meter-based protector on the electrical meter outside your home. Wherever it is, you can count on these electrical services in Canton, MA, to protect your property against all surges deriving from an interruption in electrical flow. Anything can cause this, from turning on another device like a hair dryer to a utility grid issue or lightning strike. 

There’s no lifespan for a surge protection system, but regular maintenance identifies vulnerabilities and indicates when you need a replacement. For safety and cost purposes, you’ll want this device to be fully operational at all times, so it’s best to let us do a replacement as soon as we identify a problem.

EV Charging Installation in Canton, Massachusetts

No Canton local wants to risk driving down to the nearest public charging station just for the vehicle to run out of electrical charge halfway there. Still, it’s just as bad making it there only to wait in long lines that make you late to work or hold up your daily schedule. Why not consider an EV charging installation service at your home or business premises instead? 

Your own charging station will allow you to charge your vehicle overnight or while you’re on the property doing other things, saving you time and energy. 

A homeowner has two charging options: the Level-1 charging station that supplies a 120-volt outlet and the Level 2 240-volt option. 

  • A Level 1 choice is the most cost-effective but requires the longest charging time. You’ll have to charge your car for a full day or overnight if you plan to use it for long trips. 
  • A Level 2 dock provides 240 volts, charging about eight times quicker. 

When you hire Crowe Electric’s certified professionals to install one of these charging stations, we’ll follow the National Electric Code and pay close attention to the intricate installation process. We typically install it safely and effectively in just one day.

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