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Electrician in Duxbury, MA and Surrounding Areas

When you need an experienced electrician, our team at Crowe Electric has your back. We offer professional electric repairs and installation services on all electrical facets of your home. 

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Electrician in Duxbury, MA

In business since 2018, our Crowe Electric team provides a wide range of electrical services in Duxbury, MA. Our electricians have extensive experience in all electrical systems. Whether you need repairs or new installation on any system in your home, we are ready to provide unmatched service. 

Our technicians can bring their expertise to any project you undertake. The wide range of services we offer includes recessed lighting installs, surge protection, outlet repairs, fan installation, generator installation, electric vehicle charging stations, and panel inspections. We can also enhance your home’s outdoor environment with pool and hot tub wiring and outdoor light additions.  

When you face issues with your electrical systems, don’t try to fix them on your own. Tinkering with high-voltage systems without the proper training can put you in harm’s way. You pose the risk of dangerous electric shocks and fire hazards. 

Instead, call our team of professionals for your electric needs. Our technicians operate with safety as a top priority and know the best practices for working with dangerous electrical currents. We use special, industry-grade equipment to help complete jobs that amateurs using only basic toolkits cannot.

With Crowe Electric on the job, you can guarantee that projects will be done right the first time. Electrical work can be complex, but we have the know-how to upgrade your equipment with ease.

We offer all customers a five-year warranty on our services. We strive to give the best service possible, but in the event that you will need additional electric repairs, we take the burden off of you. 

When you need an expert to inspect your electrical systems, give our friendly staff a call. We promise to deliver professional service you can trust. Find out why Crowe Electric is the premier provider of commercial and residential electrical services in Duxbury, MA.

Generator Installation in Duxbury, MA

One of our most popular electrical services is residential generator installation. In emergencies, it’s smart to have a backup source of electricity to power your home’s essential fixtures. That is where generators come in. 

Our Crowe Electric team can equip your home with various types of generators that best fit your needs. Our staff will work with you during your service appointment to determine the ideal generator for your home. We consider your budget and needs to create a custom installation package. 

Installing a whole-home generator presents multiple benefits for homeowners. They provide a reliable amount of power to withstand regular electric usage, operate with minimal noise, and can run outdoors. Best of all, they give you peace of mind that your home’s devices will function in a power outage emergency.

Generator installation is one of the more complex electrical projects you can take on. Thankfully, our team has the skills to equip your home with a generator that meets the local code regulations. Regardless of the fuel source you wish to power a generator with, we abide by industry standards to ensure a safe, proper installation. 

We understand that losing power is never convenient. If you find yourself in an emergency situation and want to prevent another stressful event, call us to discuss generator installation. We will arrive at your home quickly and can equip you with a backup power source as soon as your electricity returns. 

As soon as you decide to invest in a whole-home generator, we can have your system set up quickly. This sought-after electrical service gives you peace of mind during a power crisis. Our team proudly installs top-quality generators for homes in Duxbury, MA, and the surrounding communities. 

Call us to receive a quote on generator installation for your home. 

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Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement in Duxbury, MA

Your home’s electrical panel, or circuit breaker panel, serves as the main switchboard powering your devices. When the panel breaks down, it’s vital to issue necessary repairs quickly to avoid fire hazards from overheating. Call our professionals to inspect the panel and provide solutions. 

How can you tell when you need panel repair or replacement? If the issue lies with just one circuit switch, it’s likely that you’ll need to repair the faulty switch. Other common problems typically indicate that the panel needs replacing. 

Be mindful of your electrical panel’s age, as most require replacement every 20 to 30 years. If you notice water damage to the panel, detect a burning smell, hear humming from the panel, or experience breakers that trip consistently, schedule a service consultation. Our technicians can diagnose the problem and replace the panel. 

We approach each replacement with an emphasis on safety and meeting the correct codes. Let our skilled electricians handle this tricky job to give you peace of mind and keep you out of harm’s way. 

Handling a home’s electrical panels can vary in price. Costs will depend on the panel’s condition and the necessary labor to complete the job. We aim to give you the most affordable rate for electrical panel repair and replacement in Duxbury, MA.

We offer various specials and discounts on select services, including panel inspections and upgrades. Call our friendly staff today to learn how we can save you money on electrical repairs.   

Upgrading your home’s electrical panel can set you up for years of successful powering capabilities. Our Crowe Electric experts use industry-best models and will work with you during the installation process. Factors to consider before replacing an electrical panel include its location within the home, the necessary amperage to meet demands, and the voltage of circuit breakers. 

Surge Protection in Duxbury, MA

Crowe Electric technicians are ready to prepare your home for any power disaster. Our surge protection services are ideal for those prone to electrical surges. Installing a surge protector in your Duxbury, MA, home can keep your devices running without harm whenever a surge suddenly hits. 

The surge protector installation process begins with an inspection of your home. Our electricians will look at the scope of your power supply and create a custom approach for protection. We offer guidance on which protection mechanism best suits you. 

If you want maximum protection, we offer whole-home surge protectors that shield the power of every electrical socket in your home. From your televisions to your refrigerator and all device chargers, any item within an outlet gains protection. This option is ideal for many who seek a big-picture solution.  

Investing in a surge protector for your home grants you safety from national grid surges and can reduce your risk of electrical fires. If you want to equip your home with this helpful device, call our team. We can provide a quote and let you know what to expect during installation. 

With a quality surge protector, you can remain plugged into your electric source. In the event a surge hits Duxbury, MA, you can stay calm, knowing that it will not impact your appliances, handheld devices, and more. Trust our experienced experts to provide quality service and supply you with a powerful surge protection system.

EV Charging Installation in Duxbury, MA

Making the switch from a gas-guzzling vehicle to an electric one requires the appropriate place to charge the car. We offer electric vehicle charging installation to simplify your switch. Our certified electricians can install a custom station to power your vehicle in a few simple steps. 

We work with you to determine the right type of charging station for your needs. Factors we consider before installation include the make and model of your car, how often you intend to drive, and your home’s overall power supply. These can all determine which level of charging station we recommend to you.  

Level 1 chargers feature a 120-volt outlet. This provides added convenience since it is the standard outlet within homes and garages. However, the charge time can be slow and make for difficulties when you plan to go on long driving trips. 

Level 2 chargers utilize a 240-volt that can charge vehicles up to eight times faster than Level 1 chargers. When you don’t have the time to sit around and wait for your car to charge, our knowledgeable staff can install a Level 2 charging station at your home. 

If you currently use public charging stations for your EV, you may be wondering why you’d need one set up at your home. There are numerous benefits to installing a home charging station.

For example, charging your car at home offers more convenience and cost-effectiveness. It also promotes better health of the car battery and can even increase your home’s property value. 

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