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Electrical Services in Abington, MA

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Look no further than Crowe Electric for premium electrical services in Abington, MA. From whole-house surge protector installation to electrical panel upgrades, no task is too much for our highly experienced and well-trained local electricians. 

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Electrical Services in Abington, MA

Electrician in Abington

As a top provider of electrical services in Abington, MA, Crowe Electric has the skills and experience to manage any electrical work your home could need. We have over five years as a top-rated residential and commercial electrical services provider for the community with years of training and education under our belt.

We’re a crew of licensed and certified electricians who value our customers. That’s why we provide unparalleled customer service to everyone and offer a five-year warranty on all of our services. We want you to know that when you choose Crowe Electric, you’re working with the best of the best with unmatched customer support and comprehensive electrical services. 

Crowe Electric doesn’t just meet expectations. Our crew consistently goes above and beyond to exceed all expectations by providing reliable services with long-lasting results and competitive rates. 

Sometimes Abington residents assume it’s better to handle electrical problems alone. Yet, handling electrical systems is risky if you are inexperienced and lack the right equipment. Why put yourself and your home at risk for an injury or a fire when you can hire the area’s best electricians?

We have the experience and equipment necessary to make sure your home or business’s electrical systems are fully operational and safe. Our team provides many impressive electrical services in Abington, MA, including but not limited to:

  • Portable generators and backup generator services
  • Electrical system upgrades, repairs, and installations
  • Panel inspections and replacements
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Hot tub wiring
  • HVAC wiring
  • Receptacle installations and repairs

Don’t settle for less when you can have the best. Crowe Electric has a fantastic team of licensed and certified professionals ready to address your electrical needs.

Generator Installation in Abington

A power outage is highly inconvenient no matter how it happens. Not only will an outage leave your household without functional lights, but an outage could also impact your comfort indoors, the food in your refrigerator, and the ability to use your electronics and appliances for entertainment and everyday activities. 

The best way to avoid an outage of your primary electricity source is to install a backup or standby generator, which is something our technicians can do. Generator services is one of the specialties we offer at Crowe Electric. With our rigorous training and education, we have the expertise necessary to install, repair, and maintain natural gas and propane generators from all major brands.

Our generator services come with high-quality equipment, skillful installation, and courteous service. We offer accurate quotes and transparent pricing for all generator services and strive for excellence in everything we do. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new generator will kick on when necessary and keep power flowing throughout your entire property. 

Expect to receive these benefits when you choose Crowe Electric for your Abington generator needs:

  • Sufficient electricity during a power outage
  • Silent equipment operations
  • Adequate amperage for regular use

Since we work with all major generator brands, we know how to install generators according to their manufacturer requirements while accounting for the property’s energy needs. Still, if you need repairs or other electrical services in Abington, MA, you can count on our electricians to help quickly. We’ll inspect your equipment and use our sharp attention to detail to uncover potential problems before repairing them. 

Maintenance is also essential for having a fully functional generator. Fortunately, Crowe Electric offers generator maintenance in addition to installation and repair services. We’ll keep your backup power running well at all times, giving you peace of mind. 

Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement in Abington

Most homes in Abington have an electrical or circuit breaker panel that funnels electricity through various parts of the property. Inside the panel, you’ll find several electrical switches that channel electricity to different parts of the house, with labels explaining which zone each switch corresponds to. 

If you open the panel and see small glass tubes instead of switches, your home has a fuse box instead of a modern circuit breaker. Fuse boxes are more common in older properties, and they lack the high electrical needs of advanced electronics and appliances. You also can’t reuse a blown fuse, making these types of electrical panels less efficient than those with circuit breaker switches. 

At Crowe Electric, we can replace your old, outdated fuse box with a high-quality panel that meets your home’s electrical needs. Our electrical panel repair and replacement services also accommodate circuit breaker panels that can’t handle the residence’s power load, leading to tripped circuits and an interruption of power. With a new panel, you can be confident your electrical system is safe and reliable. 

If our experienced electricians determine your home would benefit from a new electrical panel after inspecting your current system, we can handle the replacement from start to finish. We only work with the best brands, like Eaton Electrical Panels and Square D Electrical Panels. Because each brand has many panel options with varying box sizes and amperages, we can help you find the best one for your property. 

Sometimes, you can repair problems with your electrical panel, rather than replacing it altogether. Reach out to Crowe Electric to assess your need for panel repair or replacement if you notice any of these signs of trouble:

  • Constant breaker tripping
  • Overheated panel
  • Flickering or dimming lights throughout the house
  • Water damage or corrosion around the panel
  • Scorch marks around the breakers
  • Humming or crackling sounds inside the electrical panel
  • Certain appliances tripping the breakers when they’re on

Surge Protection in Abington

An electrical surge can occur in your Abington residence in several ways. Your electrical panel or outlets can experience an overwhelmed flow of electricity from a heavy electrical load, power restoration after an outage, surges from the local power grid, nearby lightning strikes, and damaged wiring. Though electrical surges can happen at any time, you risk damaging your electronics or experiencing a fire without putting the right protections in place. 

At Crowe Electric, we offer surge protection electrical services in Abington, MA. We have years of experience installing many types of whole-home surge protection equipment, leading to many happy and safe customers. 

Our electricians will take time to inspect your house and assess your electrical supply. With that information, we can recommend the best surge protection system to accommodate your house size and electricity flow. Once you agree to the system, our crew will handle the installation from start to finish, protecting your entire property against power surges from inside and outside your home. 

Unfortunately, electrical surges can happen at any time, and without surge protection, your home is vulnerable to several problems like:

  • Damage to electronics and appliances plugged into your electrical system
  • Damage to electrical circuits
  • Interruption to energy flow, leading to a power outage
  • Increased risk of electrical fire

With our top-tier surge protection services, our Crowe Electric team can protect your home and your electric devices and appliances. You won’t need to use single surge protection strips because our solution can cover your entire residence. 

EV Charging Installation in Abington

Do you have an electric car and struggle to find charging stations around Abington when you need them the most? Why not consider an EV charging installation for your home to achieve the ultimate convenience?

With the rise of electric vehicles, many people assume that they’re limited to using public charging stations or that at-home EV charging stations are only for people with a high disposable income. Neither assumption is accurate, thanks to Crowe Electric. Our certified and licensed electricians can expertly install an EV charging station for anyone who regularly uses an electric vehicle and wants the benefit of charging it at home. 

Residential EV charger stations come in two varieties, all of which are a breeze for our team to install:

  • Level 1 Chargers: This installation is suitable for electric cars that can charge using a typical 120-volt outlet, which is available in every Abington home. You can park your car and plug it up to charge it overnight since Level 1 chargers work slowly. 
  • Level 2 Chargers: If you prefer to charge your vehicle quickly for spontaneous road trips, consider installing a Level 2 residential charging station. These chargers are popular because people can use their fully charged vehicles more often. Crowe Electric can install this charger with the right electrical panel. 

With our training and experience, our electricians can manage any EV charger installation. We can help you select the best charger according to your vehicle type and driving frequency. 

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