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Whole House Surge Protector Installation in Kingston, MA

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Where can you find the best whole-house surge protector installation service? Get in touch with our licensed electrician at Crowe Electric! Our team offers convenient and affordable “surge protection near me” in Kingston, MA, and the surrounding areas.

Both residents and businesses in Massachusetts depend upon electricity for nearly everything. We use it day and night for washing clothes, making coffee, charging our phones, and more. The problem comes in when electrical surges threaten the appliances we rely on for doing life and work.

Damaged power lines and lightning storms can conjure surges, but so can sensitive electronics. That’s why the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires buildings to have arc fault circuit interrupters, as well as ground fault circuit interrupters. Feel free to ask the Crowe Electric professionals more about how we can help you protect your property with some of the highest quality services in Kingston, MA.

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The Benefits of a Whole-House Surge Protector

Power surges occur when an outside force disrupts and then spikes an electrical system’s energy or voltage. The two leading causes of surges in Kingston, MA and surrounding areas remain thunderstorms and heavy-duty appliances. Typically, a power surge will lead to a power outage, but it can have even more disastrous effects without the right protective measures.

Surges quickly lower your appliances’ lifespan and become a fire risk. Installing a whole home surge protector will safeguard your house and family from these issues to bring the following benefits:

How do Whole-House Power Surge Protectors Work?

Can whole-house surge protectors prevent power surges? Not exactly. But they do work to protect these unexpected surges from damaging anything that’s connected to your electrical system.

A typical power strip surge protector is generally no match for nasty lightning storms. However, a whole-home surge protector stands up well against these high-velocity power surges. These devices will turn off any excess energy flowing throughout your electrical grid, transporting it to a safer location and away from your home.

A whole-house surge protector will protect you even during a severe storm or power outage. Be sure to ask our Crowe Electric team more about how it works if you would like to consider installing one.

Surge protector installations are far superior to power strips and safeguard sensitive electronics, devices, and gadgets by absorbing 600 joules or more. The Crowe Electric crew brings years of experience to these types of installations. We use high-quality tools and extensive training to ensure a quick, safe installation that protects your whole home.

Every electrician at Crowe Electric undergoes a strict vetting process for excellence.

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Other Surge Protector Services to Consider

Every Kingston, MA and surrounding areas homeowner should consider whole-house surge protector installation. However, there are many other surge protectors you might want to consider or add to this system. Crowe Electric can repair or replace any type of surge protector, including a whole-house variation.

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Repairing or Replacing Surge Protectors

Replacing point-of-use surge protectors (powerstrips) is often cheaper than repairing them. However, whole-house surge protectors are trickier to install, and repairs are more cost-effective. Since surges often emanate from a main electrical panel or non-operational whole house surge protector, signs to schedule repair or replacement include the following:

It is easy to miss an occasional flicker, but there is often an issue when the lights start flickering frequently. If they flicker when turning on an appliance, it is likely you have a damaged surge protector.

Should this issue occur, notify our team immediately. Our competent electrician needs to quickly inspect your wiring and surge protector for damage before the problem becomes a major one.

Blowing a fuse or tripping a circuit breaker is not always a cause for concern. For example, you may have plugged in a powerful electronic device. However, if this is frequently happening, it is best to give us a call.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

A GFCI compares electrical currents flowing inside an outlet to those outside. A current level difference between your system’s inputs and outputs will trip your GFCI for safety reasons.

If you have any outlets or receptacles at risk of touching water, you will need GFCIs. For example, the National Electric Code stipulates circumstances where businesses and homeowners must install ground fault circuit interrupters. Massachusetts property owners will also need to install GFCIs for appliances with heavy energy loads, like power tools.

An electrical circuit short has the capacity to overload a circuit breaker, which could cause a fire or shock someone. GFCIs act as a safeguard, disconnecting circuits during energy shorting. Our crew has the training and certification to safely install ground fault circuit interrupters, as well as repair or replace them as needed.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

The final surge protection option is to use AFCIs. These oversee any huge electrical power spikes like GFCIs but also detect power arcs crossing open air. It will disconnect your circuit to prevent damage or injury.

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